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The owners have truly poured their heart and soul

into these beautiful puppies. They are their babies, and they have the cleanest and most unique set

up for each of  them.  They love and care for them...they are treated like royalty!


They were kind enough to bring one of the litters

of puppies to see my daughter that has been

home bound for 6 years. This picture was taken

of Katie and little "Louie"on that special day! 


Anyone that is lucky enough to purchase

one of the puppies from Sassy Southern Shih Tzu

is guaranteed to have the best! 


Personal Reference

I would like to share with anyone interested in a Sassy Southern Shih Tzu puppy that I can attest

  firsthand the care that is put into their breeders. 

     I've known the owners for over 15 years, and I'm

    so very happy that Sassy Southern Shih Tzu is a        dream has come true for them.  I'm very proud to

    be the groomer of all their breeders.  I see them on    a regular basis and each one is cared for like they are a personal pet.  Very socialized with sweet

    personalities and dispositions.  All come to me      well taken care of, healthy and happy and that

 leads to happy, healthy puppies!  Very responsible breeders giving their breeders the best of care. 


Bath & Bows Pet Services highly recommends

 Sassy Southern Shih Tzus!

Rhonda Bennett

Purvis, Mississippi

It was love at first sight!  The owner had no idea how simply posting a picture
would change our lives.  My son and I had been looking for a house dog, 
and honestly we were leaning towards a Yorkie, but God had HIS plan
and we laid eyes on our precious Phoenix and the rest is history.
The owner made me feel very comfortable
and assured me that she would be available if I needed anything.
Her services receive an A+ in my book.
Tamiko Booth & DeeJay
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


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