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The Moody Family welcome home the newest member of their family..."Izzy"
WOW!  Where do I even begin?  I should start by saying what a Blessing you and your husband are.  We had the most amazing time in your lovely home and are so grateful you had us there!  Our family has been looking for a furry friend for some time now and the first situation that happened almost made me lose hope.  I had to have the hardest conversation with our youngest son that the puppy wasn't coming off the was all a scam.  It broke his heart so it then became my mission to prove to him not everyone is that way.  He described them as "cold hearted" and said he would pray for them!  You have fulfilled our dream.  Our family is now complete.  As we start our wonderful journey with our newest baby girl Izzy, I just want to thank you again for having the passion to be a breeder and take so much time with all the  pups.  I can imagine at times things are so crazy and tiring for you, but it's people like you that make families complete.  Thank you for all that you do!!
Thank you, 
Willie & Britni Moody
"One nervous momma"
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Britni gave me this letter sealed in an envelope at the time she came to get Izzy to take her home.  It touched my heart, and it was exactly what I needed to hear on this day. Thank you so much Britni... I will never forget you and your sweet family!​
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